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Mat is a kind of food that can protect and decorate the table. General use of cotton, linen, bamboo, paper and other materials made of paper.

Cotton Mat: strong water absorption, easy to clean, when the purchase can be seen on the pad towel dripping, look at the speed of water absorption.
Hemp mat: mothproof, good durability; hand pull pad, look at the much better.
Bamboo mat: heat insulation is the best, can effectively prevent the damage to the table of the hot items; can use a cup of hot water to the field test its heat insulation effect.
Paper cloth mat: the latest environmental protection material processing and become, heat insulation is good, but can not be washed.
Plastic mat: environmental protection type PP mat, EVA mat is currently more popular, quality light environmental protection, fashionable, and suitable for printing on the surface of a variety of patterns. PVC mat, silicone Placemat, good texture can be repeated trial, bright color, the surface can produce a variety of patterns, never fade! And can be done on LOGO.
How to choose the color of the product
White or colorless effect: to bring a natural and calm feeling. Grid: family atmosphere of leisure. Deep blue: the feeling of calm and noble, dirt is not very obvious.
Product cost and brand knowledge
The price is about 1 yuan, a lot of colors on the net can optional.

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