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Name: Embroider - Nylon Mesh

ID: Embroider - Nylon Mesh
Mesh Count: 40 n/in-300 n/in
Thread Dia: 185 um - 40 um
Material: Nylon(PA6)
Width: 1.42m
Application area:
Bags, Shoes, etc
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Technology Specs

Tensile Strength 41.67 daN/mm^2
Specific Gravity 1.14 g/mm^3
Color Fastness 4-6
Stability to light Poor
Abrasion resistance Good
Acid resistance Limited-Poor
Alkaline resistance Good
Stability to solvents Limited
Hydrolysis resistance Good
Certification REACH, California Prop65
Product Specs
1.Good abrasion resistance and low coefficient of friction
2.Resistant to common solvents and to alkalies but are attacked by strong mineral acids
3.Working temperature is typically around 239F (115C)
4.Good heat setting and washing without silicon and heavy metal
5.Good quality can pass California Prop65 and Reach
6.History: Build up on 2002. More than 10 years’ professional experience
7.Many no MOQ specification
Mesh Count Opening Size Open Area% Thread Dia. Weight Width
[n/in] [µm] [%] [µm] [g/㎡] [cm]
40 450 50 185 100 142
40 430 46 205 130 142
50 358 50 150 100 142
55 312 46 150 110 142
60 273 42 150 120 142
80 227 51 90 70 150
300 45 28 40 90 127

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